Vegetarian Cauliflower “General Tao” So guys here is one of my go-to recipe when I’m craving good old chinese take out. It is my healthy version of a classic General Tao but instead of using chicken I use cauliflower. Not only does it taste really good but it is also super crunchy and so fast to make ! Yummmiii Psit ! If you want we did another General Tao inspired dish on one of our recipe Monday you can check it out here. What you’ll need 1 cauliflower 2 eggs 1

Summer… the perfect season to get fit. Though it can be hard to find motivation, without any training program or gadgets to guide you throughout your progress. Here’s a high-tech kit that could really push you to accomplish your goals and begin your Fall season full of pride! Running program The first thing you’ll need is a professional training program that would provide adapted goals and guidance. A book is the most reliable source to find a good personalized training program. The only two required qualifications are discipline and perseverance!!

Virtual Reality Have you ever heard of virtual reality (VR) ? This new technology is not only YOUR future, but also your children’s future. You surely have grown up with the Nintendo 64 and the firsts PlayStation consoles. Your kids, they will grow up along with virtual reality. The next generations will live amongst this evolving technology, and systems like the Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR, or Samsung Gear VR (virtual reality headsets) will without any doubt be on your kids’ Christmas list. Here is a reason to be informed on

There are a lot of articles around the internet to help you pack your luggage when you need to travel with baby! Let me give you my 5 absolute essentials that really helped having a good time at the beach with my family. But keep in mind that I was still breastfeeding so no bottles needed (Thank god) otherwise it would probably have been the first thing on my list! 1- Baby was around 10 months old when we went to the Bahamas and was eating solid food. The food was good

Tokyo, Japan 5 : 20 AM As you slowly open your eyes, you gradually intake the environment of your hotel room. Everything comes back to you : the unbearable long plane ride, the arrival to Narita airport and the two hours of bus to the hotel. The jet lag is still affecting you. Go back to sleep? Forget it… you have to get up! You look outside through the large window and observe a magnificent view of Shinjuku (Tokyo), already full of workers making their way to their destination. Despite the already

For the third and last post of our Baby Shower series sweet and easy decoration ideas that will keep you in budget. Here are some decor and food ideas that we did last year for Karry’s shower! It’s a boy ! The Lollipops on either side of the small sheep are made with baby washcloths so not only is it cute but it also serves a purpose as a gift! Cup cakes are a great alternative to a big cake and it doesn’t involves plates or cutting of the cake

I love to do this recipe when I have to get a nutritious meal quickly! I always have a couple of avocados lying on my counter, it’s a super side that contains a lot of good nutrients and is a good source of monoinsaturated fats (good fats!). Avocado represents a good source of antioxydants, fibers and help prevents cardiovascular diseases. What you’ll need (2 servings) – 150g of fresh tuna, cook and refrigerated (or canned pale tuna in water) – 1/3 cup of carrots cut in julienne – 1/3 cup of celery

For the second article of our Baby shower series we decided to go with an Garden party theme! Here’s how my mom decorated her garden for my second baby shower! (Yes I had 2 baby showers…one with all the women in my family and the other with all my girlfriends haha) Where are Alice and The Mad hatter ?! Here’s an idea; Brown paper is great to wrap gifts in ! It is gender neutral and easy to recycle. Fruit salad is a great alternative to cake when it is

This week we’re starting a brand new series of 3 articles on hosting the perfect baby shower. We will give you some ideas we had over the last years in hope that it can inspire you for the next baby shower you’ll have to throw! A Fruity Party ! Last weekend Karry threw me an awesome baby shower ! She invited all of my best girlfriends (Including my best friend Rox whom I thought was in Australia and wouldn’t be able to make it … YES she was able and

So here it is I’m now 36 weeks pregnant and it was time for me to pack my hospital bag to make sure it would be ready for the big day ! It took me some time to do it and gather everything I needed but here’s what I have in my bag finally. (You’ll notice that everything is in Ziploc bags so it’s easy to see where everything is and find it easily even if it’s not me looking for it.) What’s in my Bag (Lululemon Urban warrior duffel)

My mom used to make this salad years ago and it rapidly became a household favorite! Now it’s my turn to make it and it is still to this day my favorite salad recipe. Here it is ! .     Ingredients (Makes 1 big serving) For the Salad – 3 Big Endives – 1/2 a cucumber – 1 shallot – The juice from 1/2 a lemon – 1 Empire apple – Walnuts (a small handful) – Old cheddar cheese or Parmesan cheese – Proscuitto (For the non-vegetarians) – Salt & Pepper For

I love love love to make beautiful flower arrangements and flower bouquet and they make the perfect gift for mother’s day ! Each year though, my dad goes to the florist and comes back with a bouquet that looks like the complete opposite of what my moms like… Poor dad it’s not his fault it’s mostly because when the florist asks him what he wants and what are is tastes, he just has no idea. So usually it end up being the florist making the bouquet for him, which is totally

PinkBlushMaternity has been my go to online maternity boutique for maternity clothes since the beginning of my pregnancy. They have so much styles to choose from, from maternity dresses to skinny jeans to any cute maternity clothes you need! My 2 favorite pieces of the moment are their black striped floral trim short sleeve maternity top and light blue striped 3/4 sleeve maternity midi dress. I wear them all the time! The maternity top looks great paired with a skinny jean and a pair of chunky leather boots and the dress looks amazing

. Wether you are a coffee enthusiast or you simply like to have your coffee on the go the Saint-Henri café has everything to please you! Saint-Henri Microtorréfacteur is the first quality roaster in the province of Québec… finally ! I personally go more often to the one situated in Saint-Roch borough in Quebec city and I LOVED it but they are also located in Montreal. (FYI the location in Quebec city is quite hard to find because it is more recent so here are some directions: It is located on the corner

I’d like to start by telling you that this article wasn’t easy for me to write because it talks about one of my biggest physical complex; my belly. I decided to talk about this topic because with summer and bikinis right around the corner I know that our post pregnancy body isn’t always easy to manage. My pregnancy…my belly I’ve never been one of these girls who had a perfect slim and fit stomach. When I eat a brownie, it goes straight down in my belly. So far so good,

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